And The Team Behind "Analogic"



Eric Bergquist

Director/Writer/Executive Producer

Raylander Dasilva


Collin Rousseau

Assistant Director/Co-Producer

Joshua Pioccone


Manny Alers


Brian Sardinha

Music Composer/Sound Editor

Jennifer Pappas

Script Supervisor

*Updates to come soon

Cast lineup

Returning Faces


James Estes


Charles Baxter

"Jake Spades"

Angela Renzi


Clarence Ates

"John Harrison"

New Faces


Justin S Blackburn

"Samuel Gibson"

Dana Stern

"Lisa Barron"

Craig Sunderlin

"Prosecuting Attorney 'Stifler'"

Kim James

"Defense Attorney 'Chaffer'"

Dave Bresnahan

"Businessman 'Rich Hunter'"/Associate Producer/Publicist

Kerri Jackman

"Secretary 'Elizabeth Crass'"

John Trent

"Professor Marlin"

Marco Aguirre

"Security Guard 'Sid Spacer'"

Abner J. Valdes

 "Security Guard 'Sean Marks'"

Christopher Bethune

"Security Guard 'David Lock'"

Lucy 'Pouty Dog' Bergquist

"Pavlov's Dog"

Nylah Pioccone

"Schrodinger's Cat"

Past Work

James Estes in "Analogic"-

A film about a student with aspergers trying to solve his way through life. 

Produced By Analogy Pictures - Dir. By Eric Bergquist